Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Srong wind

It's so windy yesterday, and I almost get blown away (luckily I was having my heavy backpack...LOL), I heard last night the wind reached over 130km/h. Cancelation of train service happened to my Glen Waverley train line...and I need to change to Pakenham train line to get to Caulfield, and took 900 bus back to Stud Park. The whole trip took me about 2 hours to reach home, freezing cold and wet out there, not to mention the horrible strong wind.... When I reached to the city and uni today, lots of tress fell down, and some even fell on the wire causes electric breakdown in several areas...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

St. Kilda beach (Bad day)

It was supposed to be a fine day today as we planned to St. Kilda Beach quite some time... But, Melbourne's weather are really umpredictable, especially these few days where cold front reached Victoria and will have freqeunt cloudy/rainy days (sounds like weather reporter)...Yesterday we went to Victoria Market to get all the food and materials for BBQ, and it was a fine sunny day.

Around 11am, me and my friend went to the beach to 'book' the BBQ spot, and we waited quite some time, the weather started to change, from sunny, to strong wind, and with dizzling rain coming towards the beach.... And most of them came here around 1pm, where rain started to pour heavily....

From sunny day ->

Cloudy + Strong Wind
End up under the roof =.="

Hence in the end, we packed our stuffs back to my friend's place and cook all the food...

Totally disaster >.<

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Before the Chinese New Year, I decided to get a hair cut, and of course I went to my mom so I no need to pay myself...hehehe

So I went in and sit on the chair, waiting the hairdresser to 'modify' my hair. Because I went that hair saloon quite often, even before I went to Melbourne, one of the them noticed me (I think she was the manager), and said :"Wah, big boy liao longer a school boy... wanna have long hair and change style?" and instantly my mom heard and stared at me...and I said:"well, of course I wanna have some style changed, but my mom....". So she tried to persuade my mom, maybe just straighten the fringe front part... She finally agreed (can't imagine if I dye my hair, as she also suggested to dye my hair to look more 'aggressive'...LOL)...

It took quite a long time because that day was quite packed with people as CNY is just around the corner. The smell was so horrible, almost got puke and dizzy...

In the end....yeah... kinda like the straighten front fringe ^^

Saturday, January 26, 2008

2X years old?

After the birthday party in (Wong Kok Char Chan Teng) in ONG Plaza, plus sing K (yeah !!) in Redbox Sunway, I went back home dinner with my family.

All the way I was thinking, I met Penny for almost 12 years... and she just celebrate her birthday recently, the 20th birthday ! She's no longer gonna tell anyone that her age started with 2x.... I'm still 19 years old, but in 5 months time, I would be 20 years old.... even some of my friends in uni are turning to 21 years old anytime... and I will joke: " Haha, I'm still start with a 1 in my age, but you guys in the 2x age zone.". Well, most of then will reply: "Don't laugh now, you would turn 20 soon in June!".

I really wouldn't wanna believe that I'm getting to the age where I'm going to be an adult, with responsible and mature stuffs going around me... Of course I'm currently still studying, not just in academic, but learning to be mature, rational and responsible thinking mind, self esteem and motivation, moral values impregnated in my soul to be a better guy, I'm not a boy anymore. Exploring the whole new world by myself, learning to differentiate what's good and bad for myself, the truth of the reality world where there could be grey zone, dealing with different people with different personality, especially those who 'love' to set a trap to other people or point finger with he's own fault to other people.

I'm still in the path of planning my future and set some goals in my life. Part of it would be study and archive the best grades to graduate (that's what a student should do), and for further studies in specializing fields, working in a research field would be the best. Earning money would be good, as well as owning a car and house will be my long term goal. Anyway, I should try to enjoy my life when I'm still young...

Who knows...what will happen tomorrow?

Best buddy's birthday

My best buddy, Penny Wong , celebrating her 20th birthday this month !!

She always my best buddy all the time, ever since from Standard 2 (1996) in SJK Choong Wen (located in Old Klang Road, KL), SMK Taman Desa (till Form 2 as she switch school to somewhere Sungai Long), but we still really keep in contact for all these years (i think it would almost 12 years)...

How can I described her? Hm... a funny, open minded, independently, has she's own style of living, as she always would gave us an impression on "Don't worry, be happy all the time" feeling whenever she's around. So far, she's one of the most interesting girl i met so far, and I would said she's getting more mature not just with the physically, but her inner part of soul. Always would be my good listener to share secrets and problems.

Happy birthday to you, Penny !!!

Top: Eng Hean, Me, Yee Boon, Ping Ing

Bottom: Pei Wen, Penny, Jia Wen, Seet Hoong

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

House cleaning

CNY is just around the corner, and I seems to be so relax everyday (Well, I could said I'm wasting my time at home doing nothing apparently... sleep, online, eat would be my daily routine). Time is important, that's what the old folks said. I will be more appreciate when I'm back to Melbourne. At the mean time, just enjoy the long summer holiday.

Anyway, mom already hinting me to start my house cleaning ASAP... She told me that she would not able to clean most of the part in the house (so obvious that I'm resposible for the cleaning part, oh well, I will be my mommy boy for now :P). She gotta prepare a big meal for the coming reunion dinner, and of course she will also help in cleaning.

It's been a year (almost) that my room wasn't been cleaning. Before I went back to KL, it was covered with white cloth. And all of the while I just slept in the study room for the air-cond (too hot for me in this climate). So, I start with wiping the window and the blind, to the table and drawers... next would be vacumm all the corners of ceilings and floor... finally would be mopping the floor until sparkling clean... DUST FREE !!!

Mom still not statisfy with the wardrobe, so she came into my room and help me out with my clothes, deciding which clothes to keep and give away. Some clothes which I had really no idea why I would buy... So old fashion and funny =.=" For those which I only where once, mom started to give 'lectures' on not to waste money...blah blah blah... Then I will said: "You choose for me one.". She really remembered that which shirts or trousers I wear all the time, because she involved in purchasing my clothes....
and I'm realized another thing, I always wear black colour tops (Almost 75% clothes were black/dark blue). Her advice:"Black/Dark colour easy to match with all outfits, and easy to clean as you hardly could see stain like the white colour clothes. One drop of curry sauce and the white clothes ruined forever". This would be her theory and implemented to me all the time. So this 2 years, I'm really obsessed with bright/white colour clothes. She had no comment to me as I'm in Melbourne now :P

That's the whole day of cleaning my own room and study room.... More to clean tomorrow for living room and dining room... as well as washing the car >.<

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chinese New year is coming

Just realized that I had came back to Malaysia for a month already.... Time pass so fast de?

This coming New Year of 2008 resolution... too many to archeive, but I'm looking for time to think about my study and future...

Where's my time going to?

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Gosh, my sister told me that there's a few buffet restaurant offered nice cruisine from different countries and taste... Well, one day I would like to try .. Jogoya? Shogun? Shashimi?

I went to one of the buffet restaurant japanese style in KL, I think it's located in The Mall, nearby PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre). The food wasn't that bad, but my sister said it would be better in other restaurant.

One thing for sure when having buffet, we go there to try, not to eat :P

Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Eve

This time new year eve, the location would be .... Bukit Bintang... again !?! ( I can't belief that I agree with that >.<)

During the daytime, me, Elaine and Esther went to Cheras for a badminton session that last for... perhaps 2 hours, due to lack of exercise these days, I seems to get fatigue easily, and because the air ventilation in that court was so terrible, we kept sweating and almost suffocating... We even rather stay in the washroom than the badminton court (that time was me and Esther went to the washroom and found out that it's more cooling, and of course she went to the ladies and I went to the gents :P).

After lunch, the still trying to persuade me to go celebrate New Year Eve in Bukit Bintang. What's the reason that I refused to go there?
- I went there to celebrate before in year 2006.
- I hate the crowded place, especially Bukit Bintang, where any bad thing could happen such as robbery.
- The weather that day not so good, quite humid and cloudy, and you can imagine when the sweaty smells around you...
In the end...after lunch time, I decided to follow them... I drove back home for a shower and rest awhile before I went to Elaine's house for dinner. We reach Tun Sambathan around 7pm, where I parked my car there because less crowded parking area. When we on the ride of the monorail, it's already started to pack with a lot of people. Gosh...I started to regret >.<
Jun - Elaine - Esther - Me

Still got plenty of time, so we went for coffee for energy and bowling in Time Square till around 11.30pm. Next would be finding a nice spot to watch the fireworks ^^..

..... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Random Photo

Looks cute to me :P

Catch up

Catch up with another gang of friends, this time would be my secondary school friends.

I haven't been to Midvalley for quite some times, well, this would be my first time ever since I'm back to Malaysia. It looked the same, just added another building of shopping complex- The Garden. Still a new building, but filled with expansive branded stuffs.... it only would be window shopping for me. Although I saw a few clothes and accessories (sunglasses and watch), but once I saw the price (above RM 1000), turned around and walked away.... LOL...

Perhaps like my friend, Penny said:

"This is 'The Garden', of course it's meant to be walk and look around... to be observe, but not to buy/touch..."

The decoration in MV looks a bit weird... seems more like a Autumn decoration rather than a Christmas event.
Charlie (Me) - Penny - Pei Wen - Ping Ing

Friday, December 28, 2007

Catch up

At last, I finally going to catch up with my best friends... well, more to my 'ji mui' :P and that would be Esther, Elaine and Joanna (too bad my 'mei mei'- Yi Lin) wasn't in Malaysia. We went to 1-Utama for the gathering, and we took lunch in BBQ Plaza. Miss u all ler~

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas


Thursday, December 20, 2007


After sleeping on my bed for a few days, my parents decided to drag me out, not for shopping first, but to visit my relatives and their friends. I packed a lot of small packets filled with chocolate and nougat that bought from Australia, and of course now it's festive season, so it's like a Christmas gift for everyone.

Every time I visit every single home, I will (or I had to) hear someone said:
"Wah, looks so different after a year in Melbourne!" ;
"Hey, you looked more old/mature compare to last time, I remembered that you were still like a kid when u left..." ;
"You seems to change a lot ever since you went to Melbourne to study, you seems [skinnier/toned/fatter? taller? tanned/fair? no change?]" (those were the comments I heard till now).
Well, what do you think?

Well, perhaps.. when people went and settle in a new environment, people tends to change according to environment in order to adapt to the lifestyle and the norm among the foreigners. Things changes slowly, not because you want to, but you have to change. Everyday we had to learn new stuffs, knowledge and our identity for ourselves, to project to everyone for who you are and what we were. Some how we need to think and analyzed what is right and wrong, what we should/shouldn't do, and would it affect other people? or even myself? For me, I felt I changed some, about my personality, my thinking and perspective. Not to mention I gotta speak English all the time. LOL...

Old? I'm not too sure... I'm still young ! and maybe mature? At least my age is still starts with 1x :P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Gosh, the weather in KL was terrible... Sunny in the morning, and raining in the evening; or raining for the whole daytime, and cooling in nighttime. I think I started to feel discomfort eversince i step downed from the plane. There's a few passengers kept sneezing and coughing, and the air ventilation was worst, air recirculates until I felt the warmness. Horrible... >.<

I had been sleeping for hours for the past few days, and mom kept 'remind' me : "Drink more water","Eat more vege and fruit, or vitamins supplements","Don't sleep under the fan"....blah blah blah... and the worst thing "Don't go out/NO SHOPPING !!", how could I survived without shopping and going out?


Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm back~

After 8 hours of dizziness on flight, watching 2 movies (Ratatouille and Transformer), 2 meals and turbulence due to cloudy day around the countries like Indonesia and Malaysia... Finally I stepped out the plane at 5.45am... At last,

I'm back to Malaysia !

Totally exhausted, I slept in my dad's car while on the way back home, and they took me for a breakfast. After that I felt more energetic, and what's next would be.... start unpacking, cleaning.... Just wanna finish everything before I could rest and enjoy myself crazily.